Heat friendly synthetic wigs are a special type of synthetic wig that can be styled with heated styling tools.Heat friendly synthetic wigs are made with human hair - 50% mixed with new generation Kaneklalon heat resistant synthetic fibers - 50%. They come with many pros and cons that set them apart from both synthetic and human hair wigs.



1. Style Versatility. Heat Friendly Synthetic Wigs can be styled and restyled to allow for versatility.

2. Style Retention. Like traditional synthetic wigs, heat friendly synthetic wigs have style retention; after they become wet and air dry, they will return to their most recent heat-styled look without having to be styled again.

3. Realistic Looking. They are typically less shiny than other synthetic wigs.

4. Consistent. They will not react to weather.

5. Cost. If you must have a wig that can be heat-styled, heat-friendly synthetic wigs are typically more cost-effective than human hair wigs.

6. 4. Styling Skills. They can be easier to style than human hair. The curls, waves or layers do not have to be done daily. The styles last over time with minimal maintenance. 



1. Texture. Heat friendly synthetic wigs can become nappy if they are restyled excessively or exposed to abrasive actions (such as your head against a pillow or seat back).

2. Longevity. With a lifespan of only a few months (with minimal care), they do not last as long as human hair wigs or traditional synthetic wigs. However with proper care can last longer. 

3. Cannot Be Colored. Like traditional synthetic wigs, recoloring is not recommended.